Birthday messages for husband

Time sure flies by and the day of his birthday is already upon you again. You have been married for some years and a lot of things have been said but this year you want to wish him some things that you have never uttered before. And you know how men get, so you don’t want him to feel emasculated, but strong and someone who can others can depend upon. So here is a list of wishes that are going accomplish just that for sure. And feel free to adjust them any way you want, in order to serve your needs and you circumstances.

When things seemed to fall apart all over our family you were always there to support each and every one of us. You have the been the living foundation of this family and for that I thank you. Happy birthday

As I look back at all our years together, I think your best quality was coping with patience and kindness through all of my hysteria. For that a for a whole lot more, thank you. Happy birthday.

You are the greatest husband, the greatest father, the greatest person in general, so the only thing that I have left to say is thank you for being with me. Happy birthday.

Thank you for working two jobs for such a long time, in order to let me stay in the house and raise our kids. I do not think anyone has ever made so big a sacrifice for me and for that I am truly grateful. Happy birthday.

For all this years you have not only been a great husband but my best friend also and for that I truly thank you. Happy birthday.

All of our friends and family used to tell us that highschool sweethearts never get to stay together for long, but being together for twenty five years now, we sure proved them wrong didn’t we? Happy birthday

Thank you for your patience and always keeping a clear mind throughout all the difficulties that came up through the years. I could not have asked for a better husband. Happy birthday.

Since the day I met you, when things seemed to fall apart you were always the only one I could trust, my darling. Thank you and happy birthday.

I think your greatest quality was that you always managed to be polite and civil when dealing with my parents. I know how infuriating and obnoxious the can be. Thank you for your patience. Happy birthday.

We may have been married for ten years now but I still have not get used to your friends cheering, yelling and swearing everytime you get together to watch football. Oh well I think it comes with the territory. Happy birthday.

You are truly a great man. If only you could drink a little less. Well, I guess there worst faults out there. Happy birthday.

My love, my honey turns 40 today. I wish you many more years of strength and wisdom to thrive successfully. Happy birthday.

You stood by me when I was sick and spending most of my time in the hospital, although you were young and beautiful and you could have easily found someone else. I will always be indebted to you for that and, after all these years, I am still grateful, although it may not seem so at times. Happy birthday.

Sweetheart, just like the little seed, you were born some years ago in lowly circumstance, but have grown into a giant tree, providing shelter and hope to a lot of people. Congratulations and many happy returns of the day.

Neither the children, nor me would be in such a great state, financially and psychologically if it weren’t for you and for that I will always be thankful. Happy birthday.

I have been faithful to our marriage for thirty years now. I think it is time to finally have an affair. Oh, I am just kidding, I do not want anybody else, just you. Happy birthday.

Look how far we have come since our marriage! Happy Birthday, I look forward to many more birthday celebrations with you.

My Dear Hubby! Your love is a potent potion that encourages and inspires. The brilliant future I see ahead bears your bright smile. Darling, you are so special in my life, Happy Birthday!

I heartily felicitate with my humble, lovely and amazing husband on this joyous occasion. I pray you spend the years ahead in good health and wisdom to enable you continue your good work in my life. Happy birthday!

Today marks another milestone in your life as you celebrate your 50thbirthday. Sweetheart, you are an embodiment of good virtues and a shining example to others. I cannot do without you by my side, I love you.

Hurray, my hubby is 40!!! I pray this special day of yours is full of fun, happiness, and everything you wished for. Many happy returns of the day, my sweetheart.

I pray you celebrate many more prosperous peaceful and fruitful years. I wish you a happy birthday.

Hurray! Today is a perfect day to let you know that you have been a wonderful husband, support and every qualities a woman could look for in a good husband. I wish you a happy birthday.